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As an agent with House of Brokers, I have a large team with many resources to help make your experience the best possible. 

Working with my team you will get: 

  • 38 years of experience

  • A large advertising and social media reach

  • Great reputation in the community


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38 Years of Experience

House of Brokers has been a staple in the Columbia housing market for many years. Because of this, we are well-recognized in the community and have a great reputation. 

Over 50 Agents

I work side-by-side a team of 50+ agents every day. This allows us to share knowledge, and most importantly, share listing information.

Closing Department

We have a separate closing department on site to look over all our legal documents and ensure everything is accurate for you.

Support Staff

Our receptionist is in the office Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm to help with any questions potential buyers may have.

Our tech team is also available on-site to help with any technical issues we may have.

Advertising Reach

As a large brokerage, we have many advertising resources available to help get your house sold. We have social media and marketing specialist in-house.

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